Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teespring Design your own Custom Printed Shirts with Zero upfront costs and no hassle.

Do you have a business and you've always wanted to get custom tee's printed but didn't have the funds for all the upfront costs?  Are you a non-profit looking to raise money for your cause?  Would you like to donate money to a charity but don't have the funds?  
I have the best solution for you Teespring!
Teespring allows you to sell the shirt you design with no upfront costs and zero risks.  Once you reach your sales goal, the shirts ship out to the buyers, and Teesring will cut you the check!

I used Teespring's Designer Tool and made this custom shirt for the blog. It was simple and easy to use.  You can use one of the images they provide which are listed in multiple category's so there easy to find.  Or you can also upload your own photo like I did with mine.  Add some wording if you would like.  Choose how long you wish for the campaign to run, how much you would like to sell your shirts for, then wa-la your done!  Share your link with other's so they can purchase your newly designed shirts in just the size they need.
 You can view or purchase my Teesprings campaign if you would like, You can show your support for Beth Ann & Jessica's Helpful Savings, and help us spread the word!

Here is an example of great campaign called Stay Strong Boston that ended on 4/30/13 where 100% of the proceeds went to The One Fund Boston to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.  They greatly surpassed their goal of 75 shirts, and sold a whopping 6313!
So the next time your in need of shirts,  but can't afford the upfront costs, or dont want to order a bunch of sizes you might not sale, leave the worry and hassle behind and let Teespring work for you.

I was compensated by Teespring in exchange for sharing my personal review. All opinions are 100% my own regardless of the compensation.
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Walmart Layaway 2013 is BACK! - Sept 13th - Dec 13th and backed by ad match guarantee

Walmart Layaway 2013 is BACK! - Sept 13th - Dec 13th
Walmart’s free layaway means no opening fees, no gift-card reimbursements, just free. Eligible layaway items include electronics, toys, jewelry, small appliances and select sporting goods. And new in 2013 are infant toys and automotive electronics such as speakers and stereos.
Walmart’s layaway will once again help customers purchase the newest electronics from the brands they know and love like Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony and more. A few of the top electronics the retailer expects to be popular layaway gifts include: 
  • Tablets such as the iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus
  • Smartphones like the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 3 (prepaid only)
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and new releases
  • Big screen (60”+) smart TVs
Using layaway at Walmart is simple. Customers can start a layaway account in any Walmart Supercenter or Walmart store (not including Neighborhood Markets) by visiting the Walmart .com Services Desk. Once a layaway account is opened, customers can make payments at any register in that store between Sept. 13 and Dec. 13, 2013. Walmart will also send payment reminders and status updates to customers via email.

Backed by Ad Match Guarantee
Walmart is committed to providing customers with the lowest prices. To back up our price leadership promise, we will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product right at the cash register even on Layaway items.
- this means if you put an item on layaway, and then find it at another store cheaper you can go to walmart, and they will match the item's price even if its after the item is put on layaway.  So anytime between now and Dec 13th you will be able to do this, including black friday prices!

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Hy-Vee now offers Digital Coupon's loaded straight to your Fuel Saver Card!

Digital coupons make it even easier to save money at Hy-Vee. Simply login to your My Hy-Vee account and load the coupons you want to use. When your Fuel Saver card is scanned during checkout your coupon discounts will be applied.  These coupon's are MFG coupon's and can not be stacked with other MFG coupons, such as newspaper coupons & printable coupons.  However they can be stacked with a Hy-Vee Store Coupon.  you can visit the FAQ for digital coupons for more info.  or check out Hy-Vee's Coupon policy which cover's their rule for stacking coupons.

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DIY Chip Clip, Bag Closer re-purpose the plastic pant's hanger you get free! - its the simple things

DIY Chip Clip, Bag Closer re-purpose the plastic pant's hanger you get free! - its the simple things

I have been looking for simple ways to organize the home.
I ran across this great idea of using the clips from the hangers you get free with your pants as chip clips or bag closer's.  It's the simple things like this that make you think, why didn't I think of that!

Chip Clips are something that we never seem to have enough of.  I realize they are not an expensive item, but yet I never buy them.  Now I don't have a reason to.  Why buy them when you can get them FREE with the pants you purchased.  Next time the check-out girl/boy tries taking the hanger's off the clothes your buying, say no thanks I will keep them, I re-purpose those!  

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Easy Butterfly Snack's DIY - Fun After School Snack- Children's Class - Snack Day - The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Dollar Tree

Supplies needed:
  1. clothes pins ($1.00 at dollar tree)
  2. googly eyes ($.88 at walmart)
  3. fuzzy sticks or pipe cleaner ($.88 at walmart)
  4. paint - I used some of my children's paints we already had at home
  5. scissors
  6. I have elmers glue shown, but it did not stick well at all, so I ended up using a hot glue gun.
  7. ziploc bags, I had some sandwich size in my stock pile, but you can also use the snack size.
  8. simple snack to fill the bags with.  I used cheese its. 

I painted 1 side of the clothes pins waited for them to dry and painted the other side.

I then folded and cut the fuzzy sticks in half, making 2 years outta every 1 fuzzy stick.
I used the hot glue gun and glued on the eyes,
fold the fuzzy stick you cut in half and glue on the bottom at the v of the fuzzy stick for the ears.
Fold them over like cute butterfly antenna's.

fill your baggie with the snack of your choice,
separate a space in the middle of the baggie and place the clothes pin there.

Wa-La Cute Butterfly Snacks! 

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Triaminic Children's Cold and Cough only $1.99 at walgreens with Printable or SS from 9/22

Triaminic cold and cough. 
5x Nighttime 
7x Daytime
Total oop: $24.07 (includes tax)
Total saved: $73.60
Or a savings of 79%!

Reg Price @ walgreens $7.79
Sale Price with Walgreens Rewards card $4.99
Used 4x $7.00/2 printable NLA
making them only $1.50 each x 8
$3/1 x4 printable can be found here
or: $3/1 Triaminic Product, exp. 9/29/13 (SS 09/22/13)
making them only $1.99
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