Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden - caterpillar life cycle turning into a butterfly

I purchased the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden from amazon as a gift for my children at Christmas.  Like many other kids they had to have this as seen on tv product.  The instructions are simple.
Order your caterpillars using your unique code found inside the box paying $5.00 shipping.  You will receive a container containing 5 caterpillar's along with their food supply.  You leave the caterpillars in the container and watch them grow.  After a few days of them growing they will make their way to the top of the container.  Hanging upside down and they will start making their cocoons.
Once the cocoons are complete you transfer the cocoons into your butterfly habitat.  The cocoons will open up and a butterfly will appear.  when the butterfly's are ready you then release them into the wild (your backyard).   This is a very exciting adventure of a caterpillars life cycle and turning into a full grown butterfly, your children are sure to love!   You too can purchase your own Butterfly Garden on amazon to share this exciting adventure with your children. 

Here they are Christmas morning after opening their butterfly garden.

I waited until spring time before I ordered our caterpillars knowing Insect Lore will not ship in the off season.  Why because the caterpillars will die. :( 

With in a week of ordering our caterpillars they arrived via UPS. 

Inside was 5 tiny caterpillars, and the brown stuff on the bottom is there food.
You do not need to do anything but watch the cycle of the caterpillars grow.
The kids and I thought wow those are smaller then expected.

here they are a couple days after ordering

But after a few more days the little caterpillars sprouted up and became huge!

Growing, Growing, Growing.

Growing, Growing, Growing.

A few days later all 5 of those grown caterpillars made their way to the top of  the container to start the cocoon cycle.

And this is where we are today in our caterpillar to butterfly adventure.
The kids LOVE watching each day as new things happen.
I will update with more pictures when the cocoons start to form.  when we transfer the caterpillars into the butterfly garden. And then when we release them into the wild.

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