Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Facebook For Sale/"Swap" Pages

For sale pages on Facebook are a great way to get rid of stuff and clear out your house.  They are free to use and are much like Craigslist, but you can see who you are dealing with.

To find local swap pages on Facebook, simply type in your town, i.e. "Sioux City Swap" or "Chicago Swap".  Some of the swap pages are open to the public, but some will need to approve you.  They are moderated for spam and other things.

Some local Sioux City area swap pages:

Sioux City Swap
Sioux city swap (two of the same name! haha)
Bid 2 Win 24 Hour North Sioux City, SD, Sioux City IA, Dakota Dunes 
Siouxland Bidding
Sioux City Online Rummage Sale
Siouxland Swap
New & Used
Siouxland Recycles
Siouxland Barter
Sioux City Wedding Swap
Sioux City Freebies

There are many more, like ones specifically for kid items, pets, etc.  Just search around and see what you can find! Pin It

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