Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Locally Roasted Coffee at Caturra Coffee Roasting Company, Sioux City

I just thought I'd share my local business stop today.  I went to Caturra Coffee Roasting Company (check them out on Facebook) to find some coffee to enjoy.  I was searching around online a few weeks back for a local roaster, and they popped up.  Anyways, they cater to businesses, but you can go down there and buy for yourself as well.  I purchased three different 1 lb bags of coffee.  They all sell in 2 lb and 5 lb bags.  I didn't think I could handle 5 lb at a time! haha

I encourage you all to support local businesses.  Keep the economy strong!  These coffees would make great gifts.  Plus, the guys down there always have something fresh brewing and Joel and John were super friendly and fun!  I spent an hour or so down there today.

The address is 1301 3rd Street in Sioux City - under the bridge. Pin It

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