Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beth Ann's going on a diet. HELP!?!

Starting Monday I'm going on a diet.  No more 6-8 cans of mtn. dew a day, no more daily McDonald's breakfast or jitters donuts!  I don't really know how to eat healthier other the fruits n veggies for snacks instead of little Debbie's or birthday cake koated kernels popcorn.  I will also be exercising on the wii with wii fit, wii fit plus, and the wii balance board.  The wii has been collecting dust for about 3 years may as well use it.  I am not a work-out type person either so I'm hoping using the wii will make it enjoyable enough to keep at it.  As soon as its warm enough I will including walking outdoors. Im not a treadmill, run in one spot, type person either, but we do have one folded up in the basement. 
Current weight 172lbs  (2/2/2013)

I need your help with easy to do eating instructions.  What should I eat, what should I stay away from? What has worked for you?  What type of easy 
exercising do you recommend. Any advise, tips or tricks you could give me would be great!

I do not have a goal weight, sure Id like 140 but is that realistic, IDK so Ill say 160 for now. 

I set myself to start monday, because well I have 1 more bag of Birthday Cake Koated Kernals to eat lol.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on your diet! This is what I am doing and it WORKS!!! I am down 14 pounds already and I will be getting measured on monday to see how many inches!

Eat within your first 30 minutes of waking to get your motabolism going, and then every 2.5 to 3 hours. High protein, low carb.