Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beth Ann's going on a diet. HELP!?! Post 2. Weighed myself with the Wii!

I told you its been 3 years since Ive played on the wii or the wii fit!

Ive gained 22.9 lbs! in those short 3 years.

so Im 29.05 lbs overweight according to the wii.
Tomorrow starts day 1 of my "weight loss" my main goal when I first start is to stop drinking pop, I drink 6-8 cans a day of mtn. dew.  I have never "dieted" before so this is all new to me and I dont really know where to start.  I think giving up the pop is going to be rough, I usually get horrible headaches with out it.  I think if I can give up the pop (which is like my coffee) it would help a lot and possibly get me motivated to do more.

As I stated in my first "weight loss" post Beth Ann's going on a diet. HELP!?!
  I will be using the wii fit & wii fit plus to excersize until it gots warm outside.  However my bestie texted and said she would be willing to walk with me some place in doors like that mall!  So I could get that started this week as well.  - Wish me luck! Pin It

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