Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Using the Stockpile, Day 1: $0 Spent

Happy New Year!  Today, my first day of the "resolution" aka "clean out the stockpile", wasn't too hard.

Breakfast is always cereal for my husband, and usually coffee and something easy for myself (today was a Luna Fiber bar).

Lunch was Kraft Mac & Cheese (bought it on sale for 44 cents!), frozen peas and some Gaspar's Linguica (sausage).

Since it's my sister's birthday soon, and she leaves town tomorrow, we had a birthday party for her at my mom's house.  We had linguine with Alfredo sauce, salad and chocolate cake.

Food grocery tally:
Total spent today:  $0
Total spent this month:  $0
Stockpile items demolished:  1 Box of Kraft Mac & Cheese

Back to work tomorrow!

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