Friday, January 18, 2013

BA - Thrifting @ Crittenton's Resource Center, Noah's Hope Animal Rescue, Salvation Army, & Mission of the Messiah

I spent the day with my bestie today.  We decided to hit a few thrift stores to see what we could find.
First we went to Crittenton's Resource Center.  As I posted on our facebook page today was "free" day from 9am - 12pm. I got a pair of Carebear PJ Pants, a pair of Justice pants for DD, a jacket with horses on it for my niece, and a old navy long sleeve shirt for DS.
We then went to Noah's Hope Animal Rescue Thrift Store.   I got nothing there, but my bestie got a bunch of Blue Jeans for her son for only $1.00 a pair, thats a Steal of a Price!  She also got a bag full of stuffed animals for .25-.50cents each for her doggie to chew up.
Then we went to SSC (so I could stop at the doc to get prescriptions) while we were over there we stopped at the Salvation Army Store (by walmart in SSC).  Talk about OVER PRICED!  $6.95 for a pair of jeans that is crazy!  So of course I bought nothing again. (:
We made a stop at Applebees for Lunch, then hit the mall for our FREE Bath & Body Works Lotion I also posted to the blog!
Lastly we went to Mission of the Messiah I got 2 Disney Princess Valentines & 1 Spiderman Valentines for only .75cents each! (retail value $3.99).  I also got 4 Guinness Book of World Records for only .75cents each as well (retail $27.95 each!) and a Replies Believe It or Not book for only .75cents!
Total oop $6.42.  My kids LOVE the world records books!
My Bestie found some ds games at only $8.00 & $5.00 as well as some make-up for her daughter.
I might have did a lot of "driving" today, but I got to spend the day with my bestie with out our kids (they were in school) and found some great items while doing it!

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