Monday, December 10, 2012

Tristan's Heart Surgery Fundraiser @ Buffalo Wild Wings 12/10 & 12/26

Tristan's Mom is a local fellow couponer, she has even taught me a few things.
I have known Tristan's dad for about 9 years.
Although I have never met the "boys" my heart goes out to this family.
You can read their story below.

Our son Tristan since birth has had a heart malformation which we have been taking him to a local Cardiologist for. At one of his last visits an Echocardiogram was done, at which point in time it was thought that Tristan had a full extra Chamber on the right side of his heart, which is very rare. After speaking with family and colleagues we decided that we needed to seek another opinion to see what future complications that Tristan may have from this heart malformation. We then took our son up to Mayo clinic in Rochester, at which time they did some testing and found out that it wasn't an extra chamber on his heart; the Doctors explained to us that it was actually an aneurysm in the septum of his heart and a coronary fistula that is tunneling from the right ventricle to the left ventricle. In which case if it does tunnel all the way through oxygenated blood and deoxygenated blood would be mixing together in the heart and causing lack of oxygen throughout the body. In which case the brain would send a signal to the heart to pump faster due to lack of oxygen and would ultimately cause a heart attack. So we had to make the decision to have to do open heart surgery. Our son is doing very well since surgery; we are now just trying to reach out for help with defraying the medical expense from the surgery and for the medications that he will need to be on for many months to come. So please help us with the expense of mending our sons little heart. From our family we would like to thank everyone for their help and support.

The Kinnaman’s

The Kinnaman's have created a facebook event you can find HERE
Come eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and tell them that you are there for Tristan or bring in one of the coupons (shown above). This will help them pay for some of Tristans surgery bills. 

You can come one or both days 12/10 and 12/26 all day long.

If you can not attend and would like to make a monetary donation, you can contact us and I will get you in touch with The Kinnaman's.

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