Saturday, December 1, 2012

Todays The Big Day!: Super Fun Santa Beard Advent / Countdown Calendar for Christmas

Every year we make a Santa Advent Calender Craft. and we use the Santa beard to count down the days until Santa is on his way.

Here are our Santa countdowns from last year.
all four of ours.
Emma Leigh 6

Sky Leigh 4

Joshua 2

Its simply 2 printable sheets, cut, paste, color, and glue one cottonball on a day!
I use the same site every year. First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts
I use the black and white templates because they enjoy coloring the parts themselves
I use THIS TEMPLATE for the beard *which has numbers printed on it, hat bream, mustache ect.
I use THIS TEMPLATE for the face, eyes, nose, mouth and hat.

we then:
  1. Color them in before you cut them makes it easier,
  2. Cut them out
  3. Tape/glue 2 pieces of construction paper together,
  4. then start creating your santa starting with the face. (leaving room at the top for his hat)
  5. Glue all the pieces until you have a finished, colored, santa
  6. add 1 cotton ball a day starting on 25, counting down to number 1 which will be christmas eve. 
We love this printable over others, because it is 2 pages, you have to cut, and glue all the pieces of santa together. The kids LOVE doing this every year.  Rather then printing 1 sheet and doing nothing else but gluing cotton balls which can be found here.

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