Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Weekly Fareway Haul for Hot Dogs, Chicken and more

I love shopping the "bargain bins" at Fareway!  You don't always need coupons to get a good deal.  Go here to see this week's Fareway ad.

Bananas 59 cents/lb, not in the bin, but we needed them
Chicken breast, boneless/skinless $1.69/lb, matching competitor ad (ends today, Friday)
Mandarin oranges $2.99, part of the 2 day sale, ends Saturday
Feta Cheese 99 cents in the bargain bin!!  
Oscar Mayer Selects hot dogs $1.99 in the bargain bin!!  
Dole salad mixes 99 cents in the bargain bin!!  Sometimes as low as 25 cents on clearance.
Land o Lakes dip just 25 cents in the bargain bin!!
Total = $22.72

Nothing was expired, though one of the bags of lettuce expires today.  I will just throw the excess hot dogs and feta cheese in the fridge for later.  This is how I do most of my weekly shopping, just buying what's on sale and what I need.  I will add hot dogs to things I've got in my stock pile like pasta mixes, beans, etc.  I'll use the feta for salads and recipes.

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