Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sioux City Secondhand and Consignment Shops

Flea markets and consignment shops are a great way to save off of retail cost and many offer you a way to sell off your old goods.  Those with links are links to their Facebook pages, so that you can follow them.  If you know of more stores, please help us add to the list! :)

Flea Markets/Antiques/Etc.:
*The Whistle Stop Consignment Shop, 506 Nebraska St. Sioux City
*Our Checkered Pasts, 818 5th St, Sioux City
*Singing Hills Secondhand Finds & Furnishings, 4400 S. York St., Sioux City
*Tri-View Treasures, 1401 Tri-View Ave, Sioux City
*Peters Park Flea Market, 3938 Transit Ave, Sioux City
*DeWolf's Non-Sport Cards & Junque Shoppe, 1420 Villa Ave, Sioux City
*Court Street Flea Market, 700 Court St., Sioux City
*Yesterday's Treasures & Flea Market, 1021 W. 7th St, Sioux City
*Memory Lane Flea Market, 1551 Indian Hills Drive, Sioux City & Dakota City Location
*Kathy's Quality Consignment, 3915 Floyd Blvd, Sioux City
*Pierce Street Flea Market, 915 Pierce St, Sioux City
*"Flea Market" 900 block of Pierce St, Sioux City
*"Flea Market" 1500 block of Pierce St, Sioux City
*Second Season Consignment Shop 1307 Pierce, Sioux City
*Grandpa's, Flea Market, 2110 Dakota Avenue in South Sioux City.

Clothing Consignment:
*As Good as New Consigments, 2018 So. St. Aubin, Sioux City.
*Classique Closet, 4118 Morningside Ave, Sioux City
*Children's Closet,  4600 Hamilton Blvd, Sioux City
*Encore Secondhand Shop, 720 Jackson St, Sioux City

Go here to see the list of thrift stores in the Siouxland area.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Grandpa's, located at 21st and Dakota Avenue in South Sioux City.

Jess said...

I will add that, thank you!