Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Knex Value Tub 400 pieces only $12

Knex Value Tub 400 pieces only $12 on amazon.

Loaded with 400 parts, including bricks, for lots of open-ended fun and endless building and play opportunities! Includes instructions and ideas for 20 models or use your imagination to dream up your own creations. The convenient storage tub means there is always a place to put your parts or take the fun with you wherever you go! Plus the parts and the tub are all made in the USA. For ages 7+.
K'NEX 400 piece Value Tub

K'NEX Value Tub - Loaded with 400 parts for lots of open-ended fun and endless building and play opportunities! 
20 Model Building Instructions/Ideas

Includes instructions/ideas for 20 different models
Packed with 400 parts, including bricks, rods and connectors!
Imagine….Build….Play! Imagine the possibilities to choose from with this 400 Piece Value Tub from K’Nex. Build large, complex toys or create a whole collection of toys to play with! With connectors, rods, bricks and wheels the sky is the limit to what you can create. Utilize the instruction/ideas to create 20 different models. Or, dare yourself and your imagination to build your own design using as many of the parts as you can. It’s easy to snap together the rods, connectors, and bricks to make a new design, or add wheels to make a vehicle. Whatever you can imagine, you can build it and then have fun playing with it!

20 Building Ideas/Instructions!
The 400 Piece Value Tub includes instructions and building ideas for 20 different models that you can create and build. You can build everything from an airplane to a rocket ship, from a dragster to a truck, or a Ferris wheel. The easy to follow color coded instructions provide a step by step guide to each model, from beginning to end, with a picture of the finished model, so that you can have fun building and then playing. Just choose which one you want to build and get started. Or, design your own creation and build whatever you can imagine!

Easy clean up!
The convenient storage tub makes for easy clean up, just drop the parts into the tub when finished building and snap on the lid. It’s as easy as that! Or, bring the tub with you, wherever you go, for fun and building at any time.
What's In The Box?
400 rods, connectors, wheels and bricks. Instruction sheet and storage tub. 

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