Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mr. Lid, Storage Containers with Lids Attached Review

I recently received 6 awesome storage containers from Mr. Lid for review.
My family of 5 is always needing more storage and organization  Everything from food, craft supplies, even nuts and bolts.
If your like me you have tons or storage bowls, from glad, to ziplock, & more.  Each new set of storage container you get comes with a whole new set of lids. Lids get lost and thrown in the cupboard with everything else.  Finding a container is the easy part, but finding the lid that matches is a nightmare!  Many times I give up and end up throwing the leftover food away.
That is all a thing of the past with the Mr. Lid storage containers.

You can grab 20 Mr. Lid containers for only $19.95 plus p&h. an $80 Value!
This product is amazing.  The Lids are attached and don't come off so you'll never lose a lid again!
The Mr. Lid containers are durable, affordable and long lasting . Mr Lid locks freshness in making your food last longer.
These sturdy, BPA-free plastic containers come with attached lids so you will never lose them. Once you fill a container, close the lid and make sure it is secure. That’s it. Your items are now sealed up in an airtight container. This helps keep your food fresh and prevents messy spills in your home (or lunchbox!).

This container has a middle cup for you can put your dip in. 
The cup is also removable if you don't wish to use it.
Want to bring a salad with you to work for lunch? No problem! Mr. Lid has that covered with this container.
pour some dressing in the middle cup put salad around it and snap the lid closed.  You’re dressing with be safe and sound in the cup for use when your ready.  Mr. Lids airtight containers are unlike other containers where the dressing leaks all over your salad making it no good.

This is a Mr. Lid container open you can see how the lid stays attached. 

Durable and long lasting this Mr Lid is a must have!

I pulled and pulled and Mr Lid stayed attached to its container.
Patented attached lid design Mr. Lid.
Mr Lid is Dishwasher, and Microwave safe which is a must for our family of 5.  were always on the go. Camping, picnicking, Girl Scouts etc.   Because of this not every night are we able spend at home around the dinner table. But Mr. Lid makes food on the go easy and portable with out spilling or making a mess.  Mr Lid doesn't leak either so when we are on a camping trip and the ice starts to melt we don't have to worry about our food becoming wet and ruined. 

All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by the company. I did not receive financial compensation for my post but did receive the product(s) mentioned above free of charge from the manufacturer or PR Agency and was under no obligation to write a positive review.
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