Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Freecycle: Get/Give Free Stuff, Keep it out of Landfills!

Freecycle is a place to recycle your unwanted/unused items: A place to keep things out of the landfill!

Freecycle is available in most areas, so please check here for your local group.

This link is to the local Sioux City group.

Do you make quilts -- need stuff to make them with? Old T-shirts and jeans are a great find on Freecycle! Need a small motor from something like an old fan for that wild project you're doing? FREECYCLE!!! Or, do you have an old door you want to get rid of? Did a cat family pop up in your back yard and you want to give some kittens away to local people? Do you have too many spoons? FREECYCLE!

*Everything posted in freecycle is free.* Be sure to sign up today :) Pin It

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