Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beth Ann & Jessica's Helpful Savings Holiday Gift Guide 2012

I would like to feature 1 item a day for 30days in the month of November 2012.
Each Day will be the a NEW Product of the Day Giveaway.
Product of the day will be $15 or more in value, be dedicated that day with postings on the blog, Facebook, twitter.
I will need one product to review in advance in the month of October, and the sponsor will be required to ship a product to the winner of the giveaway which happens in November.
the review that was pre-posted in October will also be linked to the giveaway in November.
Item value must be $15 or more. or a payment of $15 is required in its place if you do not wish I do a review, but you will still be required to supply a product for the giveaway.
I will feature only family friendly products.
Product for review or payment must be submitted prior to Oct 30th 2012.
Product for giveaway must be shipped and received to the giveaway winner prior to Dec 22nd.
Sponsors can either Email me Directly at bethannshelpfulsavings (removing the space) or use the CONTACT ME option.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Current Sponsors:
  1. Knot Genie
  2. Zoobies
  3. ManGroomer
  4. Big Little Fudge
  5. Nostalgia Electrics 
  6. FreckleBox
  7. Colorin Kids
  8. ISeeMe
  9. My Babys Heart Beat Bear
  10. Daddy Scrubs
  11. Aroma Housewares
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