Friday, September 28, 2012

Zoobies Blanket Pet Review and 20% off Coupon Code

Im sure you have seen/heard the rage with the Zoobies Pets.  It seemed like they came out of no where, boy was I wrong!  Zoobies has been around for many years and won many awards including  Toy of the Year in 2007 and Product of the Year in 2008 by Creative Child Magazine, as well as many other awards.

 Zoobies was created by 2 brothers who wanted to invent something that was functional for family's on the go.  Zoobies is a 3-in-1 pet! It’s a plush toy, a blanket, and a pillow.  
Created for 3 C reasons – Convertible, Comfort, and Convenience.  And that it does, Perfect to cuddle up with while watching tv, reading a book, taking a nap, while in the car, and even everyday play. 
Like everyone else I had to have one, so I contacted Zoobies and asked to do a review for my house and yours.  I was sent a Zoobies Blanket Pet, I chose Patch the Pinto.  Dear Daughter 6 Loves Horses and thought this would be perfect for her.  She loves sleeping with her stuffed dolphin, and her blanket I thought perfect.  Zoobies are so multi-functional You cant go wrong!  In this picture DD has her Zoobies holding her tight as the blanket, but still a stuffed animal to cuddle with as well! 

Patch the Pinto Folded up into a stuffed animal.

underside of Patch the Pinto folded up into a pet.
Sturdy Velco Straps and Tight stitching hold the blanket inside.

Side view of Patch the Pinto folded up as a pet.   It is a good sized stuffed animal ready to play.

With many items to choose from your bound to find something.  Dont forget to use coupon code Parenthood to grab yourself 20% off your total purchase on ANY Zoobies Product!
Bottom line is this product is great for any child in your life.  Functional for everyday life, on the go, school, church, and more You can fold it up and take it with you, cuddle when you need to, or keep warm while taking a nap.  I recommend this product and now dear son 4 also wants one for nap time at preschool.  Zoobies has provided our readers a 20% off coupon code good on towards any Zoobies Product using code "Parenthood". 

Christmas is creeping up on us and if you dont know what to get your lil one this item is perfect and with the 20% off coupon code above you can grab one at a discounted price!
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