Monday, September 17, 2012

Halloween Mini Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treat Recipe

Items Needed:
6 cups Rice Krispies
6 tbs butter
36 large marsh mellows
Red and Yellow Food Coloring
Icing, either pre-colored or you can simply color white icing with food coloring.
Green for leafs, white or black for pumpkin face outline.
Cooking Spray - *i used this on my hands when i was rolling the balls so they didnt stick to my hands, (sneaky sneaky)

Step 1: melt the butter in a large bowl either in the mircowave or a saucepan until all butter is completely melted. about 45secs in microwave.  i used a sauce pan.

Step 2: add 1 drop of red, and 3 drops of yellow in the butter and stir.  to make orange.  if its not orangy enough for you repeat.

Step 3: start adding and coating marsh mellows a few at a time until their all coated in the butter.
(marsh mellows coated in orange butter mixture)
Step 4: once all marsh mellows are coated in the orange butter mixture place them in the microwave for about 60seconds.  Stir completely, repeat 45-60more seconds. Stir until all lumps are gone.

Step 5: Now we add the Rice Krispys to the orange marsh mellow mixture.  add some stir, add some stir repeat until all 6cups are added.

(optional step): once completely stirred spray your hands lightly with cooking spray so they dont stick to your hands and are easy to roll!

Step 6: start rolling the orange marsh mellow mixture until mini balls, about 4 inches in diameter. place on wax paper.

Step 7: use the Green Icing and draw 2 leafs. use the other color you choose to draw a face.

Step 8: if you have Tootsie rolls cut in half and meld around the top by the leafs for the stem (i didnt have any on hand) 

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jenzen69 said...

Way cute. I love making Halloween treats and I love rice krispies so I know what i will be doing real soon