Monday, September 3, 2012

Bloggers Wanted Free Blogger oop - Walmart gift card.

Free Giveaway Sign Ups for Bloggers . I will host a  $200 Walmart Gift Card and It will start as soon as I get enough bloggers to sign up with the giveaway. .  The giveaway is FREE for you ( one link) and you may purchase additional links for $2 each .. Absolutely NO affiliate links/ Referral links :)
Requirements : 
** You must share this giveaway sign up page to other bloggers and leave your link on the form below
** You must promote the giveaway at least 4x a week ( twitter, facebook fan page)
**  Minimum of 7000 facebook followers to join the giveaway

head over to sign up:
Free Giveway Sign Up ( a $200 Walmart Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card)

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