Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adventures in Bread Making #1

This weekend I had a goal:  Bake some bread.  I had the ingredients, the time and the patience.  However, while at the Goodwill after dinner with my husband, I decided a $5 bread maker was the way to go.  I saw two that looked barely used, another 3 or so that looked older.  Each one was just $5.  Two of them had the instructions and cookbooks with them.  We ended up buying the one with a bigger motor and "Made in the USA" label - "USA!!, USA!!"...

With appliances, you get a 3 day return for store credit from Goodwill.  This means, I had to make some bread soon!  So today, I read the instructions for the French bread, threw the stuff in and went on with my weekend chores.  Just a few short hours later, I had this delicious little loaf.  I let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes until my husband came home, so he could be around for the big reveal.  I got the end piece and it was chewy and delicious!  I am very happy with my $5 purchase, and I hope that we use it lots and lots over the winter.  I figure the $5 price tag will have paid itself off within a few weeks of store-bought bread (we buy $1 loaves from Sara Lee Bakery on Highway 75).

I encourage you to go out and get a $5 barely used bread maker.  They're definitely worth it!


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