Wednesday, August 15, 2012

UPS My Choice, Never Miss A Package Again! -Know who its from and When its coming!

Sign up for UPS My Choice 
and get notified when you have a package coming.  Never miss a package again!
I havent received a package from UPS in forever!  but today I got 4 notifications!
my two toys r us orders, the Hop from Dish Network, and Signs for a review/giveaway.
not only do you get the tracking info if you didnt know it. but you also know who its from before hand.
if you have any problems about the delivery time with a few simple clicks you can change the date/time of the delivery super nice so you dont have your packages left out for everyone to see!
here are examples of my emails.

I LOVE that you can see the Date/Time frame of delivery. As well as who its from!

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