Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scentsy Bar 6pack Mix and Match only $22.50 =$3.75 a bar! (reg price $30)

Check out this great sale my Scentsy lady just shared with me!
That is only $3.75 a bar! (reg price $5 each)

In the past I always bought the better homes bars from walmart because they were cheaper.  My Friend and Scentsy lady Amy talked me into trying Scentsy instead.   I was very skeptical in the beginning, like why would I pay more for something when I know its cheaper elsewhere.  Let me tell you it is one heck of a difference!  Not only is the smell much stronger but it lasts 3-4-5x longer!  I find myself being able to reheat them over and over again with out the smell fading away. Unlike the better homes brand use once or twice and all your left with is hot wax, no scent left.  Yes it is true that the better homes brand is cheaper, but your also buying and replacing them 3-4-5x as often.  This is one thing I am willing to pay more for.  And when a sale like this one comes along at only $3.75 a bar Ill be stocking up!

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