Thursday, August 2, 2012

How is your garden doing this summer? Here's a few pics of my produce.

So, if you haven't heard, Iowa is in a drought.... which means I've been spending more than average on my water bill to keep my plants alive.

At first, I was watering every other day.. and then this happened!  I guess too much water = blossom rot.  Oops.

So I cut back my watering to about twice a week... and this happened!
Same tomatoes, laid out:

 Today in the crock pot to make pasta sauce :)
 My plants today - they're falling over! haha
This pic was from a couple weeks ago.  Since I haven't been watering daily, I've not had as many squash and my peppers are squishy :(... but we got some rain last night, so hopefully things improve.

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