Sunday, August 26, 2012

Advance Auto Parts Online Coupon Codes Savings, Cash back from Ebates & Paypal.

here is our camper I love, but it dont feel the same about me :(
we have had nothing but problems with it since we bought it.
this picture being from Thursday, when we was trying to take it back to the storage shed in Sgt. Bluff
we were crusin down hwy 75 S by the floyd golf course and well it decided it was done, and didnt want to go anymore.  Blocking a lane of traffic on this road is not good!  so right away I called meyer towing ($125) and then the police to help block the traffic while meyers came.
Ohh what a beautiful mess we were in!
long story short we had meyers tow us to the storage shed, and the mechanic came out today and said we needed a new carburetor which we thought could be the problem before but didnt want to fork out that much money for it :(  looked around town, called a few places, check online ect.. found Advance Auto Parts to be the best place, 1. it was in stock local, no waiting for shipping, 2. i found an awesome coupon (expires today), 3. if i purchase it online 6% cash back via EBATES!, and if I use my paypal debit card I also earn 1% cash back!

Here is the coupon I used, but it expires today.
saved 20% -up to $50.
Ill receive another coupon via email good for $20 off any $50 order online.

there are a few other good coupons still valid including:
DOTW34 25% off any order. (Exclusions apply.) (Exp. 09/01/2012)
AG19 15% off $50+ order and $25 off $50 Future Use Coupon. (Exp. 09/01/2012)
BIG15X $15 off $40+ order. (Exp. 09/01/2012)
$10 off $30+, $20 off $50+, or $30 off $100+ order. (Exp. 09/01/2012)

My Order: 
Product Subtotal: $319.99
Shipping Charges:$0.00

Since I went through EBATES I will get 6% cash back on my total purchase which is $17.33 back.
since I used my paypal debit card ill get 1% cash back which is $2.88 back.
since I used a coupon code online (not acceptable in store) I saved $50.
for a $319.99 item I saved $50 and will get back $20.21
PLUS I get another coupon good for $25 off of $50 online purchase.

SO The next time you or your other half need a car part be sure to check online first!
Look for a coupon code, and shop through EBATES, pick up at your local store same day, and Save Away!
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