Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sioux City Journal 13 Week (7 day) Home Subscription Offer for 50% OFF!

Sioux City Journal Communications 13 Week (7 day) Home Subscription Offer for 50% OFF!

For more than 146 years, the Sioux City Journal has been the region's primary source for news and information, and now is your chance to get and stay informed. Get the who, what, when and where of our community delivered to your door every day with complete local news coverage, as well as compelling editorial and feature content.

As a community newspaper, our focus is on local news. We give readers a sense of pride, a sense of identity and a sense of belonging to our community.

With this SCJ Deal of the Day, you will receive 13 weeks of the Sioux City Journal, including all retailer inserts, coupons, classified ads, and more... Each day, you can expect to find inserts from most major retailers in Siouxland as well as advertisements for current sales and specials throughout the paper.

As the world of news and information continues to change, we will continue to transform our business. Now and in the future, you can count on Sioux City Journal Communications to be first and best in providing up-to-the-minute local news when you want it, in the format you want. That's our promise to you.
Activated 24 hours after purchase.
No cash value.
Must not have been a subscriber in the last 30 days.
Carrier delivery only.
Delivery will start in 3 to 5 days from the activation date.
Not valid with any other promotion.
No refunds. All sales are final.
Expires: 10-10-12.
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