Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review & Giveaway Tropic Mind educational virtual world for kids ages 6-12 - ends July 13th

Tropic Mind is an educational virtual world for kids ages 6-12, composed of many colorful islands. Every island is inhabited by unique educational content, offering kids a wide variety of activities.  Levels start out with cartoon animations teaching the child about the topic, after the animations you can then play games in regards to what you just learned.   You can learn more about Tropic Mind on the Parents Page.

My girls ages 6 & 8 enjoy playing on tropic mind.  There favorite part is being able to decorate there personal island using coins they earned while playing/learning from the games.  With the coins you can buy all sorts of things like furniture, clothes, decorations for the rooms.   There is also a pet you can choose and buy items for as well.  You must nurture him by bathing, feeding, playing, and put to sleep.
Over all game play is a little confusing to them. You pick an island you would like to visit. Some island have videos teaching you about specific things like the 5 senses.  While other island have videos as well as little games you can play about what you learned.  TropicMind is still in "beta" so there are some bugs to be worked out as there is with new program.    The concept of tropic mind is great and will be a good learning tool for children.

What Can You Learn at Tropic Mind?
Physics, Biology, Human Body & Health, Geography, World History, Astronomy, Ecology & Recycling, Math, Geometry, and much more!

Mysterious Physics
Atoms & Molecules

Importance of Ecology & Recycling
Renewable Energy

Impressive Astronomy
Solar System

and so much more!  
You can find more info on the Parents Page

Learning Is a Never Ending Game
Tropic Mind turns education into an adventurous journey of exploration. Surfing through the islands, your child will discover different tasks, games, animations and other quality content.
Tropic Mind is also regularly updated with new islands and activities, which makes learning and exploring a never ending game.

Now on to the Giveaway!  
One Winner will win a FREE 3 Month Subscription to 
Tropic Mind

I received a product for free for the purpose of review thanks to Mom Powered Media Pin It

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April S said...

I think my son would love this! he is going into 2nd grade this year. and this will give him something to do for the summer and during school other then video games!