Monday, July 23, 2012

Po' Boy III Sampler cigars $19.99 ($180 value)

Is there a cigar lover in your life?

Check out this deal!  $19.99 ($180 value) from Cigars International

"Po' Boy III Sampler

30 Dominican handmade Churchills on the cheap!

Cigars International is the veritable 800lb gorilla of the premium, handmade cigar industry. First-rate service, guaranteed quality and freshness, the largest inventory around, and the biggest discounts in all the land. So I’m offering a silly introductory deal to prove it. 30 handmade, Dominican, long-filler Churchills for a paltry sum. Slow-burning cigars on the cheap that arrive at your doorstep fast and fresh. No-brainer! At hand is a life changing opportunity to swim to the sunny shores of CI. I promise you’ll never look back.

Our Po’ Boy Samplers always sell like mad. But man cannot live on bread alone. So here’s another variety of bread: one with the same insane price but a totally new assortment. Our version of the “bag o’ crap”. A who’s who of busted, failed, and oddball brands. The good news? Insanely low price, big 7”x50 sizes, all Dominican handmades. 30 long-filler, handmade Churchills – about half are Connecticut, half are Sumatra. You’ll get a lot of cigar for the money and a few yuks in the process!

MSRP: $180
Limit one per customer, please."

UPDATE:  In Firefox it is showing $19.99, but in Chrome and Internet Explorer, it is showing $29.99.  That's just weird.  Here's my screenshot from Firefox to show the $19.99 price.  
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Anonymous said...

the link says $29.99

Jess said...

I've updated the post. In Firefox, it shows $19.99, but for some reason IE and Chrome it shows $29.99. Thanks