Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Locals: Fundraiser Benefit for Johnny Flanders

We are having a fundraiser benefit to help raise money for Johnny's family so they can get Johnny a headstone and to help with the remaining burial costs. 

There will be a Tube-Sit-Off, which I need at least 20 people to sign up for! It starts at 1pm!! It is free tubing for every person that pledges $5 for every hour that they can stay on a tube. The person that can sit on the tube the longest, WINS A $25 PIERCING CERTIFICATE!! 

There will also be $20, $10, and $5 Raffles!! The raffles include a FLAT SCREEN TV, $75 Tattoo Certificate, $50 Tattoo Certificate, $25 Piercing Certificates, and Miscellaneous items that include Gift Baskets and more!!!! The Raffle ENDS at 8pm!!! 

We will have Loose-Meat sandwiches and chips for $1! We will also have water for $1!!!

AND there will be a KIDS AREA for free from 1 to 5 pm, so bring your kids!!! The Kids Area includes: 3-Legged Races, Potato Sack Races, a WATER Relay Race, and Hula Hoop contests!! Winners will get kid prizes!!!!

There will also be LIVE MUSIC!!!
Music by: Devour Once Dead, SAUL, HeadRight, Retro TWEED, Habitual Burn, and Militious 


We will also have Jon Flanders Memorabilia!!! There will be T-Shirts for $35, Mouse Pads for $20, and Coffee Mugs for $20!!! Get there early so you can grab one of these!!!! There is a limited amount!!!

If you have any questions, Please call Alisha Shadbolt @ 712-223-0149.

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