Monday, July 9, 2012

Jessica's *pretty thrifty* wedding :)

On June 23, 2012, I married my husband!  I planned a wedding for about 150, and I wanted to leave some things to the professionals and do some things on our own.  We saved some cash in quite a few places!  Below are the companies I used, so you're welcome to utilize them for your upcoming event.   With the average wedding cost in 2011 being over $26K (REALLY!?), I thought I'd do a little helpful savings on our wedding... while still keeping it classy.  My original budget was $4k, but I went to about $5k.. oops :)  But hey, I saved 20k off the national average *AND* had a pretty classy event!  Wahoo!

Invitations ~$58:  I found invitations that were $11 at Walmart (marked down from $19), for a 50 pack.  I bought 3.  After multiple failed attempts with our printers, we decided to take them to Kinkos and for $25ish, I had the invitations and RSVP's printed.  Total=$58, with extras

Hey, here's BA and I!

Centerpieces ~$70:  I had no idea what to do here, but my mother kept talking about Mason jars.  Seeing as though my father makes pickles and whatnot, I figured we could reuse them afterwards!  So, I started shopping at rummages and thrifts.  I also shopped under my sink for ones that formerly housed said pickles.  I also found some really cool blue vintage canning jars, which my dad said would be difficult to reuse in pickling, so those are strictly for decor.  All together, I spent about $15 on jars, $5 of which were blue ones.

I also had a bag of lace that I bought at Goodwill many years ago for $3.  I spent $1 a piece on clearance for ribbon (used about 10), hot glue guns, etc... oh and tea candles were on wicked clearance, I used $2 worth of what I bought.  I probably spent $70 total on centerpieces.  Lots of people spend that PER TABLE!  Oy!  This is a picture from setting up:

This picture is from the photographer's table :)

Floral ~$100: I spent about $80 on flowers at Hy-Vee and Walmart (I absolutely love the dyed daisies, but Hy-Vee's were looking wilted compared to the ones at Walmart, plus I got the floral wire and tape at Walmart).  With the $80ish bucks, we (okay, my best friend did this, so SHE.. lol), made 3 grandmother, 2 father, 2 mother, 2 groomsmen, 1 groom boutonnieres and 2 bridesmaids and 1 bride's bouquet.  I had quite a few leftover flowers as well.  I'm not sure what the peacock feathers and extra ribbon cost as my bestie brought those with, but let's go with $100 for ALL of the flowers with the excess items.  That's a heck of a steal for the gorgeous color.  We used ferns and other greenery from around the house as well.

My father also made several arrangements, I think 5-6, that went to the mansion and then to the dining hall...these flowers are all from his garden, and the white pots were from a 10 cent sale at Dollar General last year!

Cake ~$210:  For the cake, I went through JK Country Bakery.  She did a wonderful job!  I got 3 half sheets and a full 3 tiered cake in all sorts of flavors, and my bestie thought it was "phenomenal"... I spent less than $210 for all of the cake!  You can check out Jenn at JK Country Bakery here.

DJ:  My husband's friend is a DJ, so we had him perform for our wedding.  He did a wonderful job and did a great job at keeping the party going!  You can contact our DJ through Generation X Entertainment on Facebook for pricing details.

Food:  We didn't want to bother with making food on our own for 150 people, so instead we went through Central Catering.  They did a wonderful job and my grandmother was thrilled that there was fried chicken to eat (her favorite).  You can see their price list here!

Venues:  From the moment it was announced that the Peirce Mansion would be able to be rented out for weddings and such, my husband was adamant that we were to be married there.  The downside was that they only can hold about 90 people!  We have 125+ in our families alone... Ahhh!!  So we did a small, intimate wedding with family and those involved, and then did a party at the Bellevue - Molly Brown's Ballroom!

Bridesmaids:  For the bridesmaids, we got dresses from David's Bridal, and I found out that my best friend from 3rd grade makes jewelry, so I had her make these beautiful necklaces for my girls!  I had two bridesmaids and my sister was my attendant as well.  If you're interested in having The Bold and the Beaded make jewelry for your event, contact her here!

Photos:  I was browsing local photographers and a lot of the younger generation photographers were insanely expensive.  My husband wanted to go with Steve, his high school senior picture photographer and I said okay!  You can contact Steve's Studio here.  Or you can contact Steve through his personal website. 

Here's a few for you to enjoy :)

 *Any prices listed may change by vary by year/date/venue.  Please contact the businesses to get a quote. Pin It

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