Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loved or Snubbed: How a Mother’s Care Can Make or Break Their College Student

Can you believe a new school year is right around the corner?
I can't and am having a hard time with it. Like where did summer go, its been to hot to go outside and enjoy summer vacation with the kids.

At the beginning of every school year, parents go out and buy school supplies & other school items for the kids.  Many parents are sending their children off to collage, and as we know collage students have a hard enough time with there school work and jobs that many everyday life necessities get forgotten about.
I recently ran across this infograpic from mygofer.

Almost 60% of students never wash their hands before eating in the dinning hall. Freshmen are more likely to wash, because they still have "moms advice" instilled in there memory.

Nearly 3 in 4 Students admit there oral hygiene is subpar.
mainly because toothpaste is not on their top list of items to buy.
With their hygiene being below par, how do you think there laundry is?  Do they do the "smell" test, the "stiffness" test?  With proper hygiene supplies, and cleaning supplies like at home with mom, this can be avoid.
There is a new service called which offers home, dorm, & school deliveries which will help both you as a parent, and your collage student. is an online shopping service, created with busy people in mind. You can browse and shop "virtual aisles" for groceries, produces, meats, laundry, cleaning supplies and so much more.  If you can buy it at a store you can find it on mygofer.  All items will come from local stores, and delivered to the customer with in hours (or whatever delivery time after that you choose).  You can also order online and pick up at your local Kmart store.  Order from home, and your collage student can pick it up at their local Kmart.  How awesome is that.  saves on shipping, and rather then sending them cash to buy something other then supplies its done in just a few clicks! They will thank you later trust me!
You can also use your Shop Your Way Rewards card and rack up points, visit the savings center on mygofer for more great savings, and tell a friend using there refer a friend option.

Besides the basic hygiene needs
 mygofer also offers Pet Supplies & Grocery Delivery to help keep your childs mini fridge stocked with healthy options, which helps with better learning.

Below is a very informative Infograpic I am talking about.
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