Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chocolate Bowls DYI Recipe (fill with whatever you like)

Chocolate Bowl DYI Recipe!
I seen someone post a picture of a chocolate bowl recently and thought I have to try it!
package of balloons
(smaller the better, i grabbed these at walgreens last night, they only had one size even little water balloons will work, just create a smaller bowl)
(whatever kind youd like that is melt-able) I got this 14oz bag at hobby lobby for $2.99-Reg Price I choose Milk chocolate because its like Hershey's. and we dont like dark chocolate.
Waxed Paper 
Cookie Sheet
Cooking Spray

  1. Layer cookie sheet with wax paper
  2. blow up balloon, spray lightly with cooking spray - if you over spray the chocolate will run off and not stick -set aside
  3. in a large microwave safe bowl melt chocolate: 30seconds medium heat, stir, repeat until its stirable and all melted no more chunks. -Dont over heat/cook about 2-3x is all it took.
  4. dip your pre-made balloons in the chocolate covering just the bottom of the balloon which shapes like a bowl.
  5. place chocolate balloon on wax paper on cookie sheet
  6. put in fridge 15-20mins until chocolate is completely cooled and shaped.
  7. remove from fridge and cut a small slit in the ton of the balloon.  let the balloon deflate slowly, as it does it unsticks itself from the chocolate. -you might have to pull slightly at the bottom of the bowl, be careful not to break your bowl.
  8. put your favorite topping in the bowl, ice cream, strawberries, caramel, whatever you would like.
    *if your not going to use them right away put bowls back in fridge so they dont melt.

    ***Also Note: if you have some white chocolate you can melt it as well, and drizzle some over the ready made bowls for added look.

Meltable Chocolate "chips" from hobby lobby

Dip bottom of balloon in melted chocolate creating bowl effect

after dipping this is what the sides/bottom looks like

put on wax paper cookie sheet, and place in fridge

after fridge you cut a small hole in the top of balloon, letting it slowly deflate itself, it will also unstick itself from the chocolate as it does.

I dont recommend the balloons w/ writing (again i grabbed at walgreens and this is all they had)
but you see the same balloon above deflating and unsticking itself.
fill with your favorite toppings ice cream, strawberries, fruit, whatever you would like.
if your not going to eat right away re-fridge. 

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janjill said...

I made chocolate easter baskets once using this technique. It is very easy .