Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Personalized Family & Website Decal's Purchased from Full Intensity Grafx!

Both Decals on the back of my van! 
*at the time when we placed the family decal i didnt know i was going to 
get the website decal, thats why they are close together.
(preview of my order)
(less then $30.00 I got 3 lines, about 29inches long X 9inches high. huge!) 

I posted the other day about the Custom Family Decal I purchased.

(preview of order)
(Full Color priced around $30 again depending on how many people, names, and header)
I love this company and highly recommend them for all your decal needs!
If you can decorate it with a sticker, you can decal it!
Check out Full Intensity Grafx, website to order your own decals.

They don't just offer Family Decals, which are custom from the name, the style of the person, hair/skin color, ect they have many more options.

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