Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to access Facebook on mobile in NON-Mobile Mode For Ipod/Ipad/Iphone & Android users -so you can see page tabs and such!

Many of you who are mobile users dont get in on as many giveaways as non mobile users because you cant see the tabs on facebook.. or view rafflecopter...
Did you know there is a way to view facebook in full mode rather then mobile mode?
well there is and heres how!

log into facebook via Safari or whatever your Browser is (the page will open up in mobile mode)
again use your browser NOT the facebook app.
once your on facebook click the
scroll all the way down until you get to the bottom..

Now click the DESKTOP SITE
you will now be in full facebook mode!
Notice in full facebook mode you have the same tabs and MANY of the same options as browser users! Pin It


MotherTheresa said...

Cool, great tip, always wanted that! Thank You

Anonymous said...

I do this then when I click my profile it goes back mobile every time.